Social Responsibility Consultants

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Gear Up Consulting is your social responsibility partner. We will develop a report for your organization on ways you could improve your current plan. Once delivered, we can manage it for you or put you in touch with some experts in specific areas to make sure it is managed it for you. Our specialty is the charity side.

The report is called EPEC (pronounced EPIC) which stands for the four areas of social responsibility covered:

  • Ethics
  • Philanthropy
  • Economic
  • Conservation

Immediate ROI includes an increase in your brand, image, sales, and loyalty from customers; cost savings, time saved, employee motivation, and lots of data for you to use.

We strengthen existing connections and finding innovative ways of connecting you to caused-based community. We help build a charity presence. Your business giving philosophy is important to you and to the organizations you want to help. We connect your donations with the organizations that are a part of the long-term solution to your concerns.

Ultimately, your company can feel confident that your donations are confidentially and methodically managed. Let Gear Up put you in the right gear for improving your company and the world simultaneously.