Core Values

Core Values

Our values are what drive us to make sure we are providing the best solution for your business’s needs. It’s one thing to say your company has the values that it has, but it’s not only where we put our money and our effort, it’s how we show up every day.  These are the values that make us set such high standards for ourselves and our results. Discover our core values, such as community presence, below and see how we show up for ourselves & our clients.

We believe that each of our actions impacts the world around us. We make the choice to take action to make our world a better place. We are committed to the communities we serve by helping every business give back. We also lead by example. 10% of our profits go directly back to the communities we work in as well. We recognize that we live in a flawed world but can do our part to make it a better place with a strong community presence. We know that good corporate social responsibility starts with us.

At Gear Up, we know that our actions have real consequences, and we hold ourselves accountable. We demonstrate our commitment to the communities we serve by helping every business give back to its community. We also lead by example and put 10% of our profits back into the communities we work in. While we recognize that we live in a flawed world, we also believe that we have the power to make it a better place and act accordingly.

The services provided by Gear Up reflect on our leadership and stakeholders. We use excellence to pave our way forward. We put our professionalism and heart into the work we do so our clients expect and receive the best. We look out for our client’s best interests and put that first and foremost.

We’re not interested in doing “good enough” work. We expect excellence from ourselves and hold ourselves accountable for providing ethical conduct, prioritizing DEI practices, and being honest and transparent in our communication. We value your trust and want you to know you can expect to receive our best work every time.

There’s no place like home. It’s what we can control. It’s our people. It’s a shared love of place and people. Having a community presence is at our core because community represents strength. We know that it is our differences that make us strong. It is our love of our community that allows us to pull together and engage in what is important to us all.

Our communities are powerful and full of love. Community presence is a core value for Gear Up because we know that community represents strength. A strength that comes from championing our differences and our sharing a love of place. We know that there is no place like home, and our communities deserve to be prioritized.

We view integrity as a strong moral principle every business should have. We approach every situation as an opportunity to learn and grow. We take responsibility for our actions. Integrity is how we demonstrate our authenticity and how and what matters to us as a company, as an employer, and as a valued member of our communities.

Philanthropy is more than giving money to a local nonprofit organization. Philanthropy is understanding what your company cares about and acting on that in every reasonable way to make a difference in your cause. It’s about maximizing your donations without necessarily even using money. Philanthropy is professional development. It is networking. It is literally making positive change happen. This is where we shine in helping companies so we put the practices into our own company.

Donating money is easy. Optimizing donations management (monetary and beyond) to make real, positive changes in the world takes effort and intention. At Gear Up Consulting, we put in the work to make sure our philanthropic efforts maximize our resources and have a positive impact on the world, and we are ready to make sure that your efforts can too.