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Employee Engagement

CSR Assessment

Looking to be a leader in the corporate social responsibility space?

To get there, you need to start with a baseline assessment of your current corporate responsibility. Our in-depth corporate social responsibility reporting assessment covers five areas: governance, environment, human resources, community relations, and business ethics. It will give you a clear picture of what’s working and where you need to improve.

We’ll also provide a roadmap for future improvements—so you can know exactly how to get started on the right foot!

Start today by requesting a free corporate social responsibility reporting mini-assessment to see how we can help.


Corporate Decision Makers agree being purpose driven drives profits and morale


Reduced turnover when employees engage in giving and volunteering


Consumers will make a purchase if they support issues they care about


Employees believe it is no longer acceptable for companies to just make money

Donation Management Plan

Donating to your community is a great thing to do. But if you’re like most business owners, you’re probably overwhelmed by the process of deciding who to give to and how much.

With our donation management plan service, you can align core values with charitable nonprofit requests, manage resources for maximum corporate giving, and provide the most help possible to your community. You’ll become a trusted community establishment, raise visibility, increase customer loyalty, and raise your bottom line. You’ll get your time back—and then some!

We provide a donation management plan and management platform that helps businesses streamline their nonprofit charitable giving efforts. Let us help you leverage your resources and grow your relationship with customers who care about making a difference in the world.

  • Do they align with your values?
  • Do you have a strategy behind how your donations can simultaneously lift up your own business?

Finding the answers to these questions requires a bit of research and follow-up that business owners just don’t have time for. That’s why we’re here to take it off your plate.

Additionally, you probably have more resources for nonprofits than you realize. But without organizing your funds and aligning your donations, your impact won’t be as strong as it could be. We can make your resources have a greater social impact on the issues you care about most.

Corporate Sponsorships
For Nonprofits

You know what’s better than a great product or service? A great product or service that gives back.

If you’re a small or medium-sized business, we bet you can relate. You’ve got your hands full trying to figure out how to make ends meet and there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done.

That’s why we help match corporate sponsorship opportunities. Nonprofit sponsorship is a way for businesses to get more out of their resources and make a real impact on their communities. We match them up with other companies who share similar values and interests, so they can collaborate on projects that would otherwise be too much for one business alone. And it doesn’t just help your business—it helps your employees feel like they’re making an impact on their community as well!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today, put your money where your values are, and start changing the world!

Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement

Data Management – Prove Your Impact

How do you measure your social impact? If you’re volunteering, donating, or supporting non-profits, it can feel like you’re doing a lot. But without the data to back up your feeling, how can you be sure that you’re making a real difference? Plus, without the data, your ability to build a brand around your values is limited.

Gear Up provides ongoing reporting for you. We can also set up in-house software for your small business to monitor its own social impact. This data allows you to make informed decisions, create accurate reports, and understand where your efforts are best spent.

At the end of the day, if you’re doing good but there’s no data or visibility around it, then it isn’t serving you. We’ll help you leverage your efforts to not only make a real impact but to speak about that impact and build awareness. Keeping your impact efforts a secret does a disservice to your company and the cause.

Funding For Nonprofit Organizations

Stop fundraising the same way over and over again.

Our fundraising consulting package is designed specifically for your organization to deliver fresh ideas that are ready to implement and make you money.

We know you’ve been doing it all by yourself, but it’s time for a change. Our fundraising consultants can help you find new ways to raise money specifically for your organization, collaborate with other nonprofits in your community, and come up with new ideas that will get people talking about what you do!

Get started today—you’ll be glad you did!

Employee Engagement

Not Sure Where to Start?

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