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As a social impact business we know how to make a difference by getting strategic about how you give back


Your Social Impact Strategist

Putting your charitable efforts to work for you

As social impact strategists, we partner with companies that want to give back to their communities. Through a combination of branding, marketing, and community connections, we help businesses enhance community relationships, increase customer loyalty, and grow their bottom line.

Our innovative approach to growth sounds simple, but getting more involved in your community takes strategy and dedication. 

Here’s how it works: We help you “gear up” a portion of your marketing dollars and use them to support appropriate non-profit causes and organizations. In doing so, you not only strengthen your community relationships but also attract new clients from a wider, mission-driven audience. 

Enhanced brand image, increased customer loyalty, and expanded collaboration opportunities are just a few of the results you can expect when working with our social impact business (not to mention the newfound pride in your business!)

If you want to save marketing dollars and stretch your charitable resources, get in touch today.

Our 360 ° approach will help you find the right investment

Our Services

Gear Up’s expert consultants plan and manage your investments so that your philanthropic efforts work in your favor. From building positive public relations to increasing employee retention and satisfaction, our team has a solution for you.

What Our
Have To Say
About Us

What Our
Have To Say
About Us

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The key to a winning event strategy is the marketing plan that gets people in the door and the follow-up you do afterward to keep them coming back. Your entire strategy is laid out in my FREE Community Partnership Event Marketing Plan!

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