Welcome to Gear Up Consulting, LLC.

A New Approach

To Helping the Nonprofit Community

At Gear Up, our ultimate goal is to improve our world. We do this through facilitating connections from the business side through the causes they care about most. Uniting passion with purpose, we make connections that deliver results which ultimately change the world.

The Gear Up for Good Program

Just as every individual has a different reason for the causes they support, each organization’s alignment with a cause is unique. Gear Up works closely with businesses to develop a personal charity profile, focusing on their ultimately business charitable legacy and work to reach that ultimate goal.

We strengthen existing connections and finding innovative ways of connecting you to caused-based community. We help build a charity presence. Your business giving philosophy is important to you and to the organizations you want to help. We connect your donations with the organizations that are a part of the long-term solution to your concerns.

Gear Up also serves as the donation management agency. When the requests arrive, you just forward them on and they are handled for you. You receive regular communication on how your donations distributed.

The Gear Up for Good Program allows you to focus on your business, freeing up valuable time.

Ultimately, your organization can feel confident that your donations are confidentially and methodically managed with your best interests in mind.

Let Gear Up put you in the right gear for your business giving plan.